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Q: What is Transformational mindset coaching?

Everybody is running what we call subconscious limiting beliefs which are essentially programs in the deeper parts of your mind that have been there a long time. You will likely be completely unaware of these programs and yet they are often running the show!


Over time the patterns of behaviour that stem and grown from these limitations can lead to a whole host of unnecessary suffering for example increased stress, low mood, poor sleep, relationship problems, health problems and more. In the workplace these patterns affect how you show up, the effect you have on others and ultimately the work you are able to create.


Transformational coaching guides you to look under the hood, at the root cause of your behaviour, thoughts and perceptions and dissolve them in a way that is both empowering and incredibly liberating at the same time. Then, as you let go of these false, disempowering, limiting beliefs transformational coaching guides you to explore who you really are, what you really want and what you are going to do about that now you are no longer standing in your own way!

Q: How does the Transformational Coaching work?

I work closely with you to firstly ascertain where you are at in life

What challenges you face, what you really want in life and what is currently in the way of that.

Through the mindset coaching we will engage in a series of sessions.

Sessions involve:



... your deeper limiting beliefs and programs in a gentle yet powerful way


 ...all of the ways in which this has played out and influenced all areas of your life.



..these blocks, leading to powerful shifts in confidence, peace outlook and performance.



Exploring what life looks like for you when you are no longer limited by these programs. Stepping into your power, your ability, your purpose. Feeling confident  and in control of your own mind, with a real sense of peace, power and ability.

Q : What are the results of transformational coaching?

Transformational coaching is often deeper than standard transactional coaching and so has often profound and life changing results. Read the testimonials and reviews to get a real taste of what this looks like.

Q: Where does the coaching take place?

Most one-to-one coaching sessions are done over Zoom video.

Sessions can be conducted over the phone (or whatsapp audio for international clients) if internet connection is an issue.

Q: How long are the sessions?

  • 1:1 FREE YOUR MIND sessions typically last  60- 90 minutes (and can last longer if somatic work is involved)


  • 1:1 TRUE HEALTH sessions typically last around 60 minutes

Q: Are sessions recorded?

There is an option at the beginning of each call for it to be recorded and you can request this. It can be useful at times as recordings can prove a valuable resource to review the session, you can receive an audio/visual recording, AI Summary and or transcript on request.

Q: What does a coaching package involve?


Sessions are normally conducted weekly for the first month and fortnightly thereafter. This can be tailored around individual need/schedule if required.



This would normally involve two mindset coaching sessions and one health coaching session per month. Minimum 3 months.


Between sessions

  • Voxer or Whatsapp support between sessions : exclusive access to me (depending on the package chosen) via message, video/audio message or email.

Messages lasting no more than 3 minutes and (except in exceptional circumstances) will be replied to within 48-72 hours.

This service is available Monday – Friday (and weekends for emergencies only).


  • Individualised support may include things like; personalised recommendations, exercises, resources and challenges designed for you, to help you integrate and implement change in a powerful way.


  • Priority complimentary access to any workshops I run while we are working together.

Q: Are payment plans available?

Yes, I understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are different.

Payment options are available.

Q: I still have questions, how do I know if this is right for me?

I understand and if you are considering coaching I am happy to offer you a free 1:1 30 - 40 minute discovery call to explore where you are at, what you want and need, how the coaching works, results and if it right for you right now. There is no obligation whatsoever in booking a discovery call and you can book this yourself by clicking on the link.

Book a discovery call


Alternatively head over to the contact me page on the website and submit an email query.

Q: Are you open to Podcast invitations?

Yes. Please complete an enquiry form or email directly with information and I will happily reply.

Q: Are you open to collaborations?

Yes, absolutely, life is for living, evolving, growing and exploring. I'm more than happy to entertain any suggestions or requests to collaborate, in service of others. Please complete an enquiry form or email directly on

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