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I work successfully with various athletes of different ages.... and the results have been incredible


I have worked with a number of professional players, and their coaches too. The impact on their performance, ability and success has been exponential. Not to mention the ripple effect on their relationships, mind and health!


Each client is treated as the individual that they are, with their own mind and their own perceived limitations.




  • Have you been through a good spell, had success though not quite the success you really want?

  • Have you experienced set-backs, injury, personal circumstances that have affected your ability to show up, qualify or perform in a way you know you are capable of?

  • Do you want to let go of procrastination, anxiety, fear of failure?

  • Are you conscious of how your performance affects your mental wellbeing and how you show up in relationships?

  • Have you worked with sports psychologists but still keep feeling trapped in these patterns or behaviours in your mind?


Deep Coaching helps Athletes get out of their own way on another level...

  • Feeling FREE in your body and mind on and off the course/pitch/track

  • Performing and dominating in the way you know you can

  • No longer at the mercy of other people’s opinions to feel good enough

  • Letting go of the concept of letting others down or how you will be perceived based you’re your performance

  • Letting go of over thinking, and acting out of a fear of failure

  • Learn how to be truly present and not lost in future fear or past failure.

  • Able to show up with a real sense of possibility and power. 

  • Showing up fully committed and unattached to outcome

  • Improved understanding, ease and connection in your relationships

From this space, getting out of your own way, you can truly become limitless

Exercise in the Fitness Room

“You are extraordinary. Be responsible for that”

Peter Crone


Professional Golfer

“I have learnt that who I am is who I choose to be and nothing going on around me can affect that. I am able to show up and work harder than ever but more importantly be happy when doing it. I feel and operate now within such an embodied sense of possibility, and creativity. A feeling of limitlessness and excitement. And this has significantly affected my performance on the course

David H

Professional golfer

I am not deriving my identify from what I DO, but bringing my identity into what I DO. That’s a big shift. I realised I was limiting myself, in what I could achieve, because of a deeper fear which was rooted in inadequacy. I have discovered what it feels like, to play from true freedom. I have never before been that free/tension free in my body and mind before and during the game. Everything was different. I realised how much before working with Kim I competed from ego… comparing myself to other players, overthinking about results, living in the past shot, thinking about the future “ hard” ones coming up, wondering what people will thinking about my result etc. I mean I laughed out loud to myself a few times when I would observe an old thought pattern pop into my head and then let it go. My game has skyrocketed since working with Kim, and I achieved more than ever before, qualifying for the KFT and on my way to the PGA.”



Professional Golfer

“Kim I can’t thank you enough you made me feel like golf isn’t my everything and trust in myself. I believed in myself and when I got in the position to compete I felt like I could beat anyone.  How bad my year had been and how much challenges I had to overcome prior to working with you. The things you had taught me made me believe in myself and I was able to dominate like I know I could”


Professional golfer

To read more testimonials and reviews click on the link below...


As a transformational coach, I am here to help you free your mind, get out of your own way and really live your life. If you have any questions or would like to book a discovery call, please visit our contact page. I look forward to hearing from you

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