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This Deeper level transformative coaching, is for those who have done work on themselves...and find themselves on the spiritual path to enlightenment


Deep Transformational Coaching involves a deeply healing, connected and powerful and open space that facilitates deep connection to your true self.


From this space your higher wisdom and intuition comes through, fostering real shifts in being in a life enhancing way.


Coaching sessions, support and resources between sessions, guided meditations.


Coaching within this framework brings about significant shifts in being and a deeper connection to YOU.


  • A deeper level of connection to the real you, beneath the labels/roles/ descriptions and even beneath who you or others may have previously believed you to be


  • Able to tap into your inner wisdom, your higher self and essence and learn to live more from this space


  • Feeling more aligned with, and able to live from, your heart space, as the authentic you....the you that knows, sees, feels calm, peaceful, playful, creative and alive!​

Image by Kenrick Mills

"We have a bounded awareness, and as we expand that boundary, our awareness of ourselves continues to expand"


International Lawyer, Consultant &


“I will never forget that experience. The sessions were powerful for me as I became aware of old perceptions/beliefs and deep issues I was not aware of. I was able to let them go. I was also able to connect to my inner power and stillness and it feels grounding and peaceful. Whatever you are doing works! It really helped me. I connected to my inner deeper self and it was so beautiful and peaceful. I will never forget that experience.

Bridget Ramirez

Advertising Manager & Coach

“Kim brought such a peaceful, trusting and safe space to guide me into my heart space and to connect to myself. This connected partnership nurtured me to feed my soul and heal what was needing to emerge. Kim helped cultivate the magic of transformation by being her true loving self and guided me into my own inner knowing. Beautifully led sessions that left me feeling transformed, free, and so connected to my inner knowing to make transformational next steps in my life. Brilliant work that I am forever grateful to Kim for.”


Executive and Coach

“The feeling of I am Love has stayed with me since our session Kim. Thank you! I also observed something...after our session I connected with me - that girl at different stages of life... the palpable energy of love and a feeling of being held that I had felt during the session was so comforting. It shows the power of the healing space you had created for me

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As a transformational coach, I am here to help you free your mind, get out of your own way and really live your life. If you have any questions or would like to book a discovery call, please visit our contact page. I look forward to hearing from you

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